Speak Life Over Your Life

I’m all about speaking positivity, promotion, and prosperity over my life. I’ve had many dark days feeling discouraged and depressed. The only thing that got me through was the belief that my better days are always ahead of me and purposely speaking life over my life. That’s sometimes very hard to do when you’re going through tough times, but the first step to victory is believing that it is possible. So, believe in yourself! Know that you are destined for greatness! Whatever your goals and dreams may be, speak it over your life and watch it come to fruition.

That is why I love positive affirmations. I believe that I can change my life just by speaking things into existence. Here are some of my most favorite affirmations. Be sure to come back periodically as I add more to the list:

Better Days Affirmation

Forgiveness Affirmation

Peace Affirmation

Self-Healing Affirmation