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Being a licensed cosmetologist, I get asked plenty of questions about hair care and hair growth: “How can I get my hair to shine?” “Why won’t my hair grow?” “Why is my hair so dry?” What people usually fail to realize is that hair care doesn’t just happen externally. Your diet and your emotional state can affect your hair tremendously. What you eat can affect the way your hair looks, feels, and its strength. Anxiety and stress can wreak havoc on your strands leaving you not much hair left to work with in the end. Therefore, your hair is truly an extension of you; how you live, how you feel, and who you are at your core.

This blog is dedicated to a holistic approach to hair care and total self care. We will delve into topics on internal hair care (diet and nutrition), emotional hair care (relaxation and stress elimination), and physical hair care (the art of hair styling and grooming). Stay tuned and let’s talk about The He(art) of Hair; how to live your best life and how your hair can reflect the many sides of you. Love always,


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  1. Hi Christina, this sounds great. I am ready to go on this journey. For me medication pays a role as well as heredity. (The thin spot in the top), which will grow and break if I it put too much stress in that area.

    1. Hi Ms. Beverly! Thanks for stopping by! There are soooo many factors that contribute to hair loss. I’ll be covering some of those topics soon. Stay tuned…

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